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MyGiftCardSite Visa and MasterCard gift cardholders must decide the amount to be charged. You can also easily control your spendings if you are using this card. This feature makes these coupons exclusive to other cards. After receiving these cards, recipients must activate them at the website address

Here are some easy alternatives to verify your gift card online or check your card status with customer support. You must first sign up with MyGiftCardSite with the card information required to access all of the above services.

You can always reach out to the MyGiftCardSite Customer Support at the telephone number 1-866-952-5653 for help. The Technical Support Center is always willing to answer your questions.

MyGiftCardSite FAQ

How do I use the MyGiftCardSite portal?

The whole process is easy to understand. We have explained each and every information about this card in detail in our article. Just go through it once and we ensure that you won’t face any issue while using the portal.

The purchase price will be charged to the card. It is recommended that you check your balance regularly to avoid the inconvenience of your next purchase.

Is the MyGiftCardSite rechargeable?

No. This card is not rechargeable. This card comes up with a credit limit of 1 year. Also, the amount you reload while card activation works as your spending limit with this card.

Is it safe for me to use MyGiftCardSite?

Yes. This card is completely safe for each and every user to use. Also, the online portal of the card is extremely flexible and secure for users to access.

Registration only takes a few minutes. You can access various features on the official portal like check your balance and other important card details.